“I gave this to my dad”: COVID-19 survivors grapple with guilt of infecting family

NBC News, May 16

A haunting feeling afflicts those who believe that in the fog of the coronavirus’ early spread, they unwittingly exposed the people they loved the most.

By Jon Schuppe

Paul Stewart thought he’d caught a bad cold.

In the third week of March, he came down with a sore throat, mild fever, cough, chills and body aches. The coronavirus was just starting to spread across Illinois, shuttering schools and workplaces, including the clinic in DuPage County where he worked as a rehabilitation technician. It didn’t occur to him that he might have the virus, even after a co-worker tested positive. Paul’s symptoms came and went, and on some days he felt well enough to go on a 5-mile run.

Then his father started coughing.