Masking Reopening

Masking: Complaints about workers

Face masks ‘touchy subject’ for local restaurants, but still required for employees under pandemic rules

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 26, 2020

Since restaurants began swinging open their dining room doors again three weeks ago under the state’s green reopening phase, the Allegheny County Health Department has received some 80 complaints from the public about restaurant workers not wearing face masks.

On Monday, county health inspectors cited the popular Italian restaurant Il Pizzaiolo in Mt. Lebanon because none of the workers there were wearing masks.

“Manager stated that employees were not wearing masks because they find them uncomfortable,” the inspection report said.


Our Pandemic Summer

The Atlantic, April 15

The fight against the coronavirus won’t be over when the U.S. reopens. Here’s how the nation must prepare itself.

People lounging on innertubes with coronavirus particles in the background
Joan Wong

Story by Ed Yong

The pandemic is not a hurricane or a wildfire. It is not comparable to Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Such disasters are confined in time and space. The SARS-CoV-2 virus will linger through the year and across the world. “Everyone wants to know when this will end,” said Devi Sridhar, a public-health expert at the University of Edinburgh. “That’s not the right question. The right question is: How do we continue?”