The other coronavirus toll

Thousands more excess deaths from heart disease and other ailments

The Washington Post, July 2, 2020

The coronavirus killed tens of thousands in the United States during the pandemic’s first months, but it also left a lesser-known toll: thousands more deaths than would have been expected from heart disease and a handful of other medical conditions, according to an analysis of federal data by The Washington Post.

The analysis suggests that in five hard-hit states and New York City, there were 8,300 more deaths from heart problems than would have been typical in March, April and May — an increase of roughly 27 percent over historical averages.

That spike contributed to a combined 75,000 “excess deaths” during that period in Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and New York state and the city, 17,000 more than the number officially attributed to covid-19.

By Sallie Han

Professor of Anthropology at SUNY Oneonta
Cultural, linguistic, medical anthropology; reproduction; gender; kinship; ethnography; United States. Former journalist (The Daily News, New York).

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